Decondition & Self Discovery

If I am not happy, maybe am I not being myself? Was I trying to be someone I was not? Someone I was told to be, Conditionally… Self discovery is exciting ,finding out who you are, what you are good at, what you like and don’t, what you want to be and what we wantContinue reading “Decondition & Self Discovery”

Loving Self Awareness…

On the road we called life we change and shift at points in our lives, some more memorable than others. Those self reflective “ah ha!” moments … “Now I get it!” the goosebumps. These are my favorite moments, I love to learn. What I have learnt about self awareness is the key to love andContinue reading “Loving Self Awareness…”

Why heal? Why wake up…?

“The world is waking up” I hear this a lot on spiritual pages, some of us are realising we are the masters and creators of our lives, I am learning this daily and starting to grasp the idea… are you? I am waking up to my truth, that I am responsible for everything, how IContinue reading “Why heal? Why wake up…?”

thoughts & feelings on self love…

“Unconditional Self love.To Love thy self, is not selfish. For to love myself, is to love another.” Learning about self abandonment (which is the opposite to self love) has been a big part of my healing.We can heal, we will heal and we are healing. We are infinite beings floating around day to day bringingContinue reading “thoughts & feelings on self love…”