Welcome cosmic souls 🙂


I woke up with a thought today about all the souls who left this planet and all the souls who joined us today. When we look up at the clouds and see faces, are those the faces of lost souls? trapped ghosts? or just faces or funny shapes? Are they the faces of those whoContinue reading “2020-2021”

Let in the light

Happy winter solstice souls ❤ soak it up & take light with you to keep in warmth, to guide you, to hold you in the cold hard moments. Remember it never goes out…its burning inside you somewhere.

words in sands

Write, speak, dance, cry or paint your words to world. They are not stupid, they are not bland, they matter. They move mountains and blow breezes in the hot dessert, your words speak truth in the lies of the darkness, your words acting as light glittering on a waters edge. They bring me home andContinue reading “words in sands”

lost lovers

felt your touch of the base of my back tingled it did, felt love from that you danced free under the glittering moon smoky city lights and cigarettes lit  feet tapping against the pavements  we were just soaked in it i followed you down and then back up again twisted in your memory  i criedContinue reading “lost lovers”

Ancestral Trauma

Generations of Trauma, surpressed emotions and boxes/labels. We all have come from trauma, even if we personally haven’t (which is highly rare) experienced it in our lives right now, our parents or grandparents have experience it because of the wars, so it is already in our DNA. What does trauma teach us ? What weContinue reading “Ancestral Trauma”

The Grand Rising

What has been burnt in the embers of the lost parts of soul are reawakening, transforming and emerging from the coma that I have slipped in and out of in this lifetime. I feel it, the lost parts of my soul over lifetimes of suffering, losing my way, finding my way, jumping from one characterContinue reading “The Grand Rising”


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