follow the yellow brick road…

  • writing alchemist
  • mystic
  • self healer & energy healing
  • attuned in tibetan reiki ®
  • mindfulness ®
  • cosmic soul

I am & have been on a quest since 2016 to develop and remember my soul lineage, I decided to write about my spiritual transformation & self healing journey as to share the wisdom gained along the way.

It can be an intense experience to navigate & sharing the ups & downs has helped me connect with souls on a similar path.

Each path so unique, with no map or one book to follow just reaching inside our own abyss and finding answers, seeking advice from self, from ancient scripts and others already on the journey and using that to guide myself, that it then might help others.

From cosmic influences to Tibetan reiki energy healing, this journey is one I wanted to share using my perspective with my passion for writing and wisdom gained from life´s lessons.

We are all storytellers 🙂

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