Awareness, healing and honesty for the physical body.

I am not a doctor, but I am a self healer… that means I have tried doctors, modern medicine and it has not worked for me.

I am grateful for their help, after years of trying corticosteroids they have just not done it for me, I prefer a more holistic approach to life and using herbs and old witches, sorry I mean wives tails…why?

Because I feel they work for me and I think my body needs natural things, this is my healing journey and I have to do what feels right for me, as I would say to anyone reading this, do what feels right for you. ALWAYS.

(I learnt about how these imbalances have contributed to the overall healing process of my decaying body)

EXERCISE & DIET- its so cliché but it works

I had to choose an exercise I love and enjoy doing, like walking, yoga and hiking, swimming in sea, I tried the gym but It was not for me as this muscle disease likes to eat my muscles so I let go of having a perfectly fit body, 

Sometimes just a good 30 mins walk can be enough to release some endorphins, I could even write it down and put it in my calendar, set a reminder to do it, listen to my favourite music and just walk or go on a gentle hike. 

Mother nature is a healer, we live in a world of noise and electronic devices, it can take its toll on us, getting out in some fresh air and walk off those worries.

Exercise is the key and let food be my medicine… 

We eat 3 times a day some more, some less.

The biggest wake up call for me, I was not educated on food, I have always been slim (or skinny as people loved to call me) I didn’t know what I needed to eat, what I was allergic to?

I felt tired from some foods and I didn’t want to eat them.

Most of the foods I eat are plant based, it makes me happy because nutrients has that effect on the body which I didn’t learn about… I learnt what was cool to eat and quick fix. To be honest in my family we ate over boiled veg and a typical 90´s English food growing up. 

I also learnt the factory farming meat/dairy industry is torture and our oceans are so polluted. I stopped eating meat and dairy and its changed my health, my skin, physical pain and inflammation in my body has improved and still is. 

Food is a big part of my medicine but it can also help with depression, anxiety and many other problems that comes with a disease in the body.

The second brain is in your gut I am told, what you feed your gut and what you feed your brain will ultimately shape a lot of day to day feelings.

Feeding myself better felt great. I am blessed to have learnt this.

Everything in moderation as they say… 80/20 …. 70/30 I still eat chocolate and crisps some days but I try to choose healthier options. 

I choose to educate myself and become my own nutritionist, guru and person trainer, google and the world wide web has open so many doors for self healing, the portals are endless.

Self taught and Self made.

I started researching & feeding the body food I could digest or what’s the point , its just a waste of money and time if we are not feeding our bodies what it needs then it can´t function properly, I like to think of it like a car if the water and oils are low it won’t run right. 

I was not taught how to listen to my body (inner-voice), notice how it feels, do I have a sugar addiction? Can I digest all that food? Did I eat any fruit today?

I also learnt about some major body balances.

PH BALANCE- The acid or alkaline balance in our bodies, illness loves to live in an acidic environment, whatever we are eating or putting into our bodies to cause mucus and that can cause inflammation.

Acid causes inflammation, most illnesses, diseases … cause inflammation in the body, If I could start to understand inflammation, I might just be able to find healing I thought 4 years ago.

ARGININE & LYSINE – These are amino acids to help our bodies fight infection and heal, these are naturally found in foods. So eating enough of both is essential to a healthy balanced diet.


It’s never fun waking up to a chin full of acne and not knowing why, Chinese face mapping explains where to help find the root and links it to an organ that needs some attention.

If any of these are out of balance there will be signs and symptoms. I am not a doctor but my body told me so.


Body Talk

I started speaking kindly to my body, if we are not already, we are stuck living inside this shell for however long we are here so might as well be kind, try to get along and see our own beauty from the surface to the deep ocean floor of ourselves.

Maybe when we start appreciating our bodies, feeding them with colours, food prepared with love but yes that chocolate brownie too!

Everything in balance, moderation it shows, it helps us level up and glow.

Sunshine, yes that beautiful vitamin D source, I know about skin cancer and yes we need to be careful in the sun but do we get enough of it?

Some of us adults spend so much time indoors, or maybe that was just me?

It´s almost like our parents growing up said “kids go outside” like it’s a punishment, but are we punishing ourselves from the lack of Vitamin D?

How much time do we spend indoors? This is a question I needed to review.

I love my body, its my vessel and its beautiful … but it didn’t matter until I had the realised that.

Honesty, can be life changing, as all that really matters is what I am consuming on all levels of my being, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

I have brought my self out of death cycle, I still have a lot to do and far to go, but consciously choosing health is now my new wealth.

Healing comes in waves and on all levels…. next I will share about the emotional body.

Thanks for reading.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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