Ancestral Trauma

Generations of Trauma, surpressed emotions and boxes/labels.

We all have come from trauma, even if we personally haven’t (which is highly rare) experienced it in our lives right now, our parents or grandparents have experience it because of the wars, so it is already in our DNA.

What does trauma teach us ?

What we should we do to heal from it? … Are we able to let go of the past?

What labels have been passed on to us, what boxes have we been put in?

Trauma that is not dealt with , ends up effecting our lives and the more closed off our society was at the time, or the environment it took place in, will teach us the awareness that is needed, about how each generation is carrying its own bag of trauma.

We are all trying to heal and probably need that thing called love to heal our trauma with very healthy boundaries.

Freeing ourself from the labels and realising we are sovereign. If you remove yourself from the environments that created the trauma, labels and boxes… who are you really?

Admitting it or not? Owning it or not? We all experience or have access to the same emotions.

The shame behind crying is in the human shadow, we may say we are are a cryer but the person who sees us crying may act as if its alien which then can derail our presence with our tears and emotions. Like when you are kid and everyone tells you to stop crying.

BE present with crying , it can become our tool for pain relief, releasing stored emotions, when we stop trying to change it, judge it or reject it ,just let flow , crying is such a beautiful thing to experience, you let go….surrender in the moment and let go… that sounds like healing.

Love & Awareness

On this journey I learnt about the deep opening of my heart chakra overtime the heartbreaks and hurtful things in there where ready to be released and then came  awareness of them, acceptance, then came healing.

Along with the third eye and all the other chakras and energy portals that we all have, aware or not… they are vibrating and moving in and out with our thoughts & emotions… attaching or detaching as we shift through a label of life.

We can not see them, …well some of us can… maybe in the future these things will be more visible to the two eyes.

“Hey Bob, your throat chakra is looking a bit blocked, is there something you felt you needed to say?

Our species is evolving to higher consciousness, our gifts are being activated, light codes are flooding in, some of our ancestors may have had their gifts and talents shamed by outside influences. The question is, why? How powerful are we?

For some of us, this is a whole other type of awakening and liberation.

Love is something we feel and sometimes we see it with acts of kindness or a warm embrace, but we know it´s there….So is our power.

Feeling is powerful, being connected, we feel when someone is giving us the evil eye with out even looking at them or gossiping behind our back, we know.

The 5 senses or 6th sense are not all visible to everyone, you can not always see what you are feeling but you know it´s there. 

Awareness and Love together are like the heart chakra and third eye connecting and going out on a really good date and walking each other home at night with the knowing they will see each other again.

When we choose healing, we choose to feel but also to be aware of what is, was and has been, also what could be. 

Awareness can activate when we choose to honour our pain, troubles and woes that were passed down to us or passed on. Breaking the cycle some call it, that’s when things really start to shift.

Look in the eye of the storm, before we pass through the eye of the needle.

As we open ourselves to the awareness that we all have suffered and many are trying to heal and come to a place of presence, understanding and acceptance.

Along with the wisdom of what suppressed us in the first place, where we gave our power away and where will shall not repeat our past mistakes.

We all have our gifts on earth, is love a choice or is it a gift? is it both?

Without love, what would there be? If you are reading this today and we are still here, then there must be love on this planet … which means awareness is there, somewhere … waiting to be seen or felt.

Awareness of what you might be thinking, well I mean anything, love applies to all areas to everything dead or living, so awareness can be there too.

The awareness of the trauma we have all suffered can be there too, and that floats in perfectly with compassion.

As our Ancestors watch from beyond the veil, do you think think they are judging us? or clapping along, rooting for you, all the shit you have overcome, maybe it´s different to their experiences but it does not mean it´s any less valuable to the awareness behind suffering and the compassion that follows.

Generations before us had their shit to go through and so have we.

If you choose to live , you are learning, if you are hurting… you can also choose healing.

Earth is like a school for souls, it is made of energy and how you use it, take responsibility for it… well that’s down to each of us. With our ever flowing freewill.

We are all responsible for the energy we create, share and project onto others, first some awareness to have the consciousness to own the power pulsating out of us.

Are you aware of the energy you put out, how powerful and valuable it is?

Choose wisely my ancestors say, choose wildly, choose whatever sets you free from the shackles that were past down to you.

What do yours say?

Thanks for reading.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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