The Grand Rising

Awakening to who we have always been

What has been burnt in the embers of the lost parts of soul are reawakening, transforming and emerging from the coma that I have slipped in and out of in this lifetime.

I feel it, the lost parts of my soul over lifetimes of suffering, losing my way, finding my way, jumping from one character to the next, wars, beauty , love, loss, transforming patterns across a sky. I have been it all, discovering more & more each day.

So what is this grand awakening? Well from my perspective it is the access to all that I already know. Remembering it all and using that consciousness to awaken at the time that myself and many other souls on this earth plane (in this thing humans have measured as time) all and each participating in a shift.

A shift that is pulling us out of our own shadows and ready to dance into the light, uniting all the colours of the rainbow, calling all parts of ourselves back to wholeness and then letting it burst out into the universe without fear of who or what it touches, as we know it is what we came for.

It is not without pain or suffering either, it pulls you deep into the unknown, the darkest depth of the ocean with a glimmer just guiding you, but then you come up for air and fly.

Fly to other planes, realms and float endlessly on a cloud feeling the full effects of unity consciousness, all sober of course. Well mine have been recently anyway.

I had to give up everything that I was clinging to, holding onto and completely surrender to the nakedness of my own vulnerability .

I had been hanging on in there for years, trying not to crack, and then I let go….

I fell for a while … but then I rose and each time stronger, more powerful, more sure of who the fuck I am. It hurt knowing I had keep myself a secret from myself.

Who was I hiding from … I was hiding from me.

Gran rising I was told over and over, those who fall into the darkest water rise up and take the biggest breaths into the knowing that all is not lost… just found.

As this shift occurs on Earth, what will it be that we came for?

I know nothing worth having was ever gonna come too easy, but not fighting it with the old wounded ways, this time with love, compassion and a deep understanding that we are all really afraid of our own light.

Its so easy and familiar to get lost in the darkness, loose yourself worshiping people “celebrities” when you could be worshiping the light in yourself, be your own celebrity.

The shifts are moving a pace that I can not quite describe how I see it, but its moving its drifting and dropping away old paradigms of lack from the mental bodies, digesting the mundane prophecies about the end of the world…

Remembering that this is an opportunity for the seeds in the darkness to make their first sprouts.

Some of us have been planted in the darkness, only be born into our own light.

Healing old wounds, instead of just licking them and retreating home, we know this is all part of growth, healing and the lessons that we have chosen on a subconsciousness level to learn.

So it is and so it shall be, its happening, the ball is rolling and always has been, in a constant moving forward motion that creates an endless dance from dark to light, our souls shift in and out of these vibrations of consciousness gliding like liquid, gas, plasma and into a solid matter forming but not quite before it takes on its next move.

The ever changing movement we call life. Hold on tight, sit back at times, but most importantly enjoy the ride. 😉

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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