Decondition & Self Discovery

If I am not happy, maybe am I not being myself? Was I trying to be someone I was not? Someone I was told to be, Conditionally…

Self discovery is exciting ,finding out who you are, what you are good at, what you like and don’t, what you want to be and what we want to leave behind.

If we don’t have a clear sense of who we are or live that authentic self then we become depressed?

I think we know somewhere inside us who we are or want to be or start to create it, we might not be supported, but we might. There are people who have unconditional love out there for us even if we haven’t met them yet, but we can be an example and embody it or at least I am going to try too.

When we were kids we might have played, used our imagination and manifested the next years of our lives, took classes and studied. The school told us what we were good at and by testing us, but where we doing our best?

Or were we having a hard time at school, at home, in life in general? Is it the best time to taking tests in the teenage years?

Which to me is the most depressing time? Finding out father christmas, easter bunny whatever traditions are parents and society told us, then they tell us they were lying… no wonder people have trust issues. 

Then we have to decide and choose our futures. 

Is it designed that way so we rebel and go off and find ourselves?

Then we become adults, but what is an adult? It is a word, created and is the meaning opposite to a child? 

Maybe if we stopped separating ourselves from children and realise we can learn from them and our nature shouldn’t change at all. We end up so lost when we forget we were once a kids, with imaginations, dreams and ideas, that follow us into adulthood.

We could get to know ourselves, we can start to take time to invest into our own self discovery and give ourselves some healthy attention and discipline. Even if it’s 15 mins a day , just to stop and have a word with ourselves, imagine how the world could be.

We could ask ourselves these questions and see what comes up?

We all change and evolve our talents, likes and dislikes, skills and general interests are varied, thats what makes us all so interesting and unique 

If we can start to discover what they are and embrace them … could we live a more fulfilling life?

Just going to go spiritual for a moment here…

The sacral chakra, the second one which is a match to the colour orange (below the belly button) is what get blocks a lot when we are adults by not being creative and when we cant express who we really are.

We can get addictions, emotionally blocked and many more issues like fearing change, depression, codependency issues and it develops around the ages of 7-14 years, that´s an interesting age… isn’t it?

The age when I started to become conditioned?

I use WE, as we are society, generations we are all here playing our part. Some are the villains and others are heroes and some are lost in zombie nation.

Not that it isn’t fun to be lost, to be reckless to be wild… depending on where we are born our communities decide whats wild and whats calm, whats self destructive and what is healing.

But when we get so far away from ourselves we will hit an extreme of polarity and be forced to look back and see if this is the direction we want to go in.

Are we free? Are we following our hearts desires? 

Had I been conditioned to believe or follow what I have been told and taught in school, home and in society?

I can choose to accept the things we have been told with what we really feel, heart, mind, body and soul. Do they ring true? Do I believe it?

Who are we? without family, friends, the place we grew up in and cultural influences?

We all have the connection to ourselves and once we dig we discover what we really think and feel. This affects our day to day emotional state, have we been told how to feel or think from a young age and are we still are being told?

Accepting ourselves in the moment, stage of life, age and time we are living in will be a daily reminder and conscious work.

We can use the tools we have discovered inside us and take each day one by one. 

We might only have 5 days …. 50 …. Or 500 but we can accept the truth that our life will end and how we spend it is all in our creation with the tools, talents and qualities we each hold inside of us.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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