Mindset, beliefs & feelings.

We can create what we need inside ourselves & allow ourselves to feel it.

I realised that suppressing my feelings, as to pretend everything is fine is not a way to use my positive mindset. If I want healing, I am to recognise the feelings & feel them.

If I am angry be angry , if I am sad be sad. The time needed for these feelings to play out will depend not just on the situation but the conscious practice of allowing whatever is needed to be.

Also, if I am happy … allow myself to feel happy without guilt. It is not easy for all of us to feel happiness and be in the moment with it, maybe some of us became so programmed and use to negative feelings that happy ones are scary and gives us unfamiliar sensations.

For others happy emotions are a breeze rather than negative ones, 

Either way, it is recognising how I am feeling in each situation and allowing myself to feel how I feel … and stay in my energy field with my emotions.

Maybe we need a time out or a week away, take the time we need to focus on recognising our emotions and allowing them.

We are more than ever constantly connected to people, rushing around, always busy.

In the stillness of life, the answers come. 

A positive mindset to me is about trusting the universe, god or yourself to know that everything will work out in the end.

Looking at the lessons and problems (whatever we label them as) as what is this teaching me? What has this taught me? What got hurt, what needs to heal? or what needs to be created inside myself and given back to me.

Illness or disease has taught me that no matter what happened theres always a positive spin, even if we cant see it in the moment, it is there with a giggle and an ironic message attached, with a flowing abundance that follows later on.

My message or lesson is that illness taught me to go inside and be there for myself, my self destructive ways were literally taken away from me, my choices had become fewer. All my attention had to be focused purely on me. My healing and pain.

When you are stuck in bed you have no choice but to face whats really going on and that is a blessing, kind of like right now with the lockdown…

Facing pain is the only way out of it, of course there are distractions and things to cover it up for while, but it will manifests as it chooses in life.

When we ignore our pain, push it deep down into us, we are convince it will go away? But it doesn’t it festers and waits in the dark shadows crying, screaming and waiting to be rescued, sometimes it spills up out of us and onto others.

The shadow aspects of all of us are not always “negative” either, when we shine light on them and accept they are part of us, we set them free or allow a safe space for them to heal inside of us.

When we face pain ask it what it needs and find an understanding with compassion, we give ourselves the love we need to heal. Its life changing, although at times can be uncomfortable, the growth is infinite.

One thing I have learnt is when you honour how you feel and don’t abandon those feelings you create a space for self love which leads to healing.

Our belief systems have been created each so unique from the another based on perspective and experiences.

Some may be harming us still to this day even though it happened a long time ago, maybe we hold negative beliefs about ourselves ? Our culture, our country … it literally could be anything that is stopping us from healing that wound.

Maybe someone bigger, smarter (we thought) told us and we believed them?

But do we need to hold onto to all those negative beliefs forever ? The ones about ourselves? If we aren’t good or pure enough, we are going to hell and all that BS.

Belief is so deep rooted in some of us that we cant even find any awareness until someone points out to us, the labels , the harsh spoken words that broke us into pieces. 

Words are powerful, we cast spells with our words everyday, are we speaking words of kindness to ourselves, this can create our mindset & belief systems.

A positive mindset isn’t about denying our wounds, never… its about learning from them so we understand we went through it to gain new insight to release some of those negative belief systems that are stopping us from…

Feeling love

Feeling appreciated

Feeling warmth 

Feeling connection 

Feeling worthy

Feeling understood

Feeling noticed 

Feeling joy

We all hurt, we all heal in different ways, what resonates with us for our healing is the great story we can share and use to help others with theirs.

Our mindset might need some adjusting, we feel it, we start to become aware of how it might be someone else words in our heads and our words that have got distorted.

This energy circling in society about not catching feels or be strong , be independent. It is a form of bypassing our pain and that is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. We should be feeling our feels no matter if we don’t get what we want, some of us are so used to apps and getting things, we swapped feelings for pretending not to care, when humans are made of ALL emotions.

We can be constantly distracted from our emotions , work, media, drama whatever is the flavour of the month, but feeling is LIVING.

Maybe what the world needs a big cry , hug and then we can release all that toxic history and tension? Global cry anyone?

At times I was so busy I was like I will cry later when I get home after work, then if I forgot it didn’t go away, it came back with 5 times the power and then I was having a meltdown in my local supermarket because they ran out of my favourite chocolate.

Feeling can be a totally new sensation to us, if we have learnt to suppress feelings.

Trauma healing needs the right kind of attention that we didn’t get in the original moment or we couldn’t give it ourselves as we had left our body…. Disassociated and the soul or ego says “oh hell no, cant deal with this right now.” 

This is where our higher self can step in and show us the bigger picture, with road signs, compassion and hug to show us its ok to feel whatever we feel and accept that we or that person couldn’t meet our needs in that moment, show us the way to go and be prepared for next time, there is no app for this … just yet.

A polite reminder that the love we need, we can create it inside ourselves and ALLOW ourselves to feel it.

A positive mindset can change your life, but I try not to use it to suppress or deny my reality.

We all deserve to heal from the things that hurt us.

I call upon my higher self, it always knows what I need in the moment, but trusting yourself is the key to growth.

The truth hurts, the truth sets us free… the awareness of our truth can be awakening.

Thanks for reading.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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