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Our brains to me are a replica of space, so much unknown yet so much potential, mystery and unique darkness with flashes of light. I personally have designed my own planets, blackholes & milky ways over the years with places of pure paradise to extreme self destruction, maybe one day we can physically go there on Virgin Galatic?

If we can train our minds, how will our life change?

Thinking can be the blue prints for our actions, if we are thinking everything is shit and the grass is greener…. Then it ultimately it will be, so I am told.

The mind is complex and powerful , we don’t even understand it, but isn’t that what is so beautiful about it?

We are creatures of control, some of us find it hard to control our minds… is this the base of our choices , decisions and patterns we make through life?

The thought patterns we create or created will follow us through life and controlling the mind is like noticing when we are writing something wrong and trying to erase it, delete and replace it with something new or improved. 

It’s much easier with physical things, than thoughts…why? Maybe because we cant see them…maybe we need visuals in this 3rd dimensional world to help us see when we are thinking toxic thoughts?

Image if you could see your thoughts on a screen… then we would know how toxic or loving our thoughts are.

Maybe Siri can step in and talk us through it. “Siri, how do I manage my thoughts on COVID19″…?

We think so many thoughts a day, with technology and constant media distractions we are over run with thoughts that then become feelings. If we are feeding our brains negative or egotistic thoughts? Then too much of it will manifest into our feelings and then our actions?

Clean the feed… I mean social media feed, its funny its called that because it´s food… I mean feed, it is food for our brains daily, if we don’t like control or being controlled maybe we should all clean our feed? Are we feeding our brains healthy content about helping each other and humanity saving choices? 

We can choose to feed our brains with healthier content, we have this choice to follow or unfollow.

We also have a choice over how much time or amount we want to feed our brains.

The biggest excuse is “ I don’t have time”

If I have time to stare at a feed, I have time to manage it better.

Learning mindfulness is a way to notice our thoughts and be in the present moment with everything, instead of rushing about multi-tasking and then I drop my phone in the toilet. Am I the only one?

I am becoming aware we are all living inside our own dream worlds, how we see things are different from one person to every other person even the same object, colour … anything and everything is unique to ones eye and perspective.

This blog will stand out in one area to one and not to another… so we will never understand everything a person does, speaks and lives and I don’t think its meant to be, but hey thats just my view.

Also meditation helps or simple deep breathes daily, if I put only 10 mins a day aside to just let my mind be, maybe I can change my world and stop over thinking, over analysing, judging myself.. maybe healing for my brain?

Do our brains even need healing or do they need charging?

There is an amazing app called “insight timer” I recommend this app, it has transformed my relationship with meditation and no I do not work for them, but yes its free.

If I want to change my life, I have the choice to make changes, sounds simple and it has been preached for hundreds of years. But its work, not that job we go to that pays our bills and rent, but real inside work, self rewarding work.

It is interesting to me that I was happy to go work for someone else and get paid, but working for myself is always put second or excuses are made, or is that just me?

Some people do work for themselves, working on our mental health though is something we could all choose to take time for? Lunch break, plus 10 mins for meditation, paid! oh wow imagine if that came true.

We have to pay bills and pay for things if you live on the planet E,  we have to make time for ourselves and our brains and wake up to the fact that only we hold the remote control to our lives, things will happen around us but how we respond plays a crucial part in healing and even personal growth. 

What is inside, our inside universe?

What have we created in these brains of ours, would we wanna go there for a holiday or party or even to observe?

The mind is so powerful , it can make us or break us? Can I 100% control my mind? 

The mind is like a labyrinth with secret passages, hidden door ways, black holes with intergalactic spaceships of endorphins floating around looking for somewhere cool to land. 

What happens when we take drugs, what does our mind even look like is there a shiny disco ball in the centre? What do other peoples look like?

Who’s brain would you wanna peek inside?

A musical genius like Freddie mercury or maybe simply your ex lover to see if they think of you?

Maybe one day we won’t talk, we will just communicate through thought.

“Did you not get my thought”?

I sent it 10 mins ago, its probably still downloading. My brain WiFi isn’t working today.

Maybe its infinite power that could heal someone or even charge an iPhone…just from thinking thoughts…but repeated thoughts over and over … it must create some energy? some friction? some tension?

Just with the power of thought we can send msgs, send pain, love to someone, most importantly to ourselves.

Heal our minds or get lost in the space of them, lost floating out into space.

Our brains to me are a replica of space, so much unknown yet so much potential, mystery and unique darkness with flashes of light.

I personally have designed my own planets and blackholes and Milky ways over the years with places of pure paradise to extreme self destruction, maybe one day we can physically go there on Virgin Galatic?

Mind travel, does it exist? Can we shift to other dimensions? Do we believe in it enough for it to be possible? Where has our minds been, where can they go? I am sure we can all think of a persons mind we would dare or even dream to see inside.

What worlds, universes and planets have they created and does it reflect in their outer world? The mind and my thoughts I believe are infinite, like my soul and this is a gift because there is no end. 

I had so many thoughts, I suffered with migraines, the stress and focus I put on my thoughts led me to me create so much distraction and disconnection from my world and even my body.

I have always been like this, analysing, finding solutions, thinking, an over active mind, deep profound thoughts, adaptable changing views, ideas and extreme downloads of information.

I now realise this is a great gift… I must use it wisely and I want too.

Even death wont stop me thinking, my brain or soul will carry on, how do I know this? I have told my brain this ,over and over and chosen to believe it, down to my fears, belief system and that is infinite. I guess when I die I may find out if it was worth believing. 

What aliens are lurking in my space, what world have I created to think from?

Who’s driving the ship?  Who knows? I don’t, but I do know this … Our minds are the most powerful when we believe in them.

Maybe we can choose what is real to our minds, what if our thoughts are right or wrong we choose… we decide… 

Thanks for reading.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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