thoughts & feelings on self love…

Unconditional Self love.To Love thy self, is not selfish. For to love myself, is to love another.”

Learning about self abandonment (which is the opposite to self love) has been a big part of my healing.
We can heal, we will heal and we are healing.

We are infinite beings floating around day to day bringing joy to people, sometimes unaware of how glowing we are, how much of a glow getter we truly are and enjoy being it.

To accept my true glow is a challenge I have noticed, sometimes our light is so bright it hurts others, but not in the way we think, its actually showing them where they are not holding light for themselves , but they have to to be open to accepting this type of love and so have I.

When we love ourselves we go beyond fear, we travel to the higher realms inside of us and gosh don’t we feel lighter? When we spread our joy and float up to cloud 11 or 9 we can take in the clean air of compassion, love and joy.

The challenge, oh yes there is always a challenge everything worth having has a lesson and a test and then a reward. Sometimes we just want the reward but we gotta earn our wings to fly, we might have to slay the fear dragon and then we can climb the stairs to the top of the tower for the almighty views.

Can we climb the mountain of life and do it in a way with courage & grace when falling into those dark caves? As I am becoming enlightened, I realise that those caves are a blessing or a lesson.

We have to go through some dark caves to appreciate the light, our light. This dark universe around us will stay dark theres no changing that, but how bright we shine our light? Well thats where we have total control, in the moment it might feel like all was at a loss, but then you dig a little deeper and find the light.

Self love is light, making time for ourselves without judgement, shame or guilt.

What can we do today for ourselves from a space of unconditional love?

If we can make time for others, for our work, family and friends, we can make time for ourselves and pour from a full cup?

Making time for ourselves is not selfish, its survival, it is medicine, it is crucial… like breathing. In fact are we breathing deep enough? how about we take a nice long deep breath in for and count to 5 and slowly out … do we feel that? Calmness, the stillness in the moment can be so healing.

What can we do today to create time for us and our own healing?

We might go for walk, listen to music, sing loudly along to our happy song playlist (sorry neighbours) dance to our favourite song in the mirror, lie on our bed and just listen to the sound of our breathing, read a quote and find a deeper meaning, go swimming in the ocean, travel somewhere new, learn something new, eat at a restaurant alone with and just watch people (after COVID19) … the possibilities are endless, make time, create time…Choose.

“In our own stillness, we might just find the movement to be ourselves”.

Embracing being alone for a moment each day can be truly satisfying and healing, we are so many on this planet, almost 8 billion people, thats hectic, chaotic … A moment to centre ourselves because we are so uniquely original and connect to who we are can bring that reality into a state of peace, a state of knowing and maybe even belonging. Whatever we love to do, we can do it each day for as long as we can… we can make time or make an excuse, the choice is always is ours.

True unconditional love for ourselves might even bring the awareness to accept and understand others and their needs for the same, connecting to ourselves daily maybe even bring us a better awareness in how to connect to others in all forms, in all places and walks of life.

Love is energy, vibrating at the frequency each day for a time period we can choose, I need to let go of whats gone and be ready for what is now and look forward with a smile to what is coming.

“The book of the past will always be there to read & learn from”.

If I want to ascend to a state of unconditional love I have to create it inside myself, everything I need is all ready planted inside of me, it is there in the darkness or maybe behind a locked door but I have the key, regardless it is there waiting to be discovered and shared, some days I might find it, others I might not. But it exists inside of us, it is infinite and forever flowing. We can choose to tap into it, open it up and play with it, we have been given freewill to choose it or not too.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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