thoughts & feelings on “being spiritual”…

Life is spiritual for me, for I am a spirit living in a meat sack and moving around on a planet that is somehow floating in a dark space also surrounded by stars made of same stuff we are made up of, it blows my mind.

I think the blueprints to our life is in the spiritual level, maybe in ten years I will have a different view on this aspect of myself, but life in general if we look at the way we connect deeply, I have found its through our pain or joy as humans.

Each human has their own story to tell

Everyone we meet has something to teach us or us to teach them as we are all living in our own worlds and realities but we share the same planet. 

My soul gets to shine through more when I am open to people, situations and general life experiences like the washing the dishes. I try and connect to my heart space while doing our human routines. I try to absorb the moment and be present, like I keep saying to myself its practice but the feeling that washes over be when I am stroking my cat, giving someone a hug, watching the birds in the sky in that feeling of connection I feel so alive and on other days I do not understand this world, but less so these days.

I like & dislike, I am human but so much more

I hold information, I am remembering from other life times. I hold the secrets to the universe and the map to my world. I am made of the stars, I need water, food, shelter and sunlight like the plants and animals here on earth. 

I love to feel connected to nature as I get downloads of information and it opens my eyes, calms me down and massages my heart space. I just have to listen and be in the stillness for a few minutes.

I dislike the destruction of the environment, burning forests and shorelines of micro-plastic, but I am learning to understand it is not all down to me to fix it. After all I am only human and there are others like me who share this perspective, together we are telling the universe what we want and this is shaping it.

The earth is purging, she is shifting and so are we.

No matter if you think you are spiritual or not, we are all part of this shift and change, like we always have been.

I think being on my spirit level is enjoying the power and beauty that I hold inside me and letting it pore out into the world in anyway way I choose to express it, let it reflect onto my reality of my ideal world in hoping the universe will create it.

Are we not all doing this? conscious or not… I think we are.

Am I creating a world inside a world and witnessing others at the same time? The questions and answers are infinite. 

The spirit in me like all other levels, aspects or whatever label I find to describe it are infinite, forever learning, never bored… well sometimes maybe bored of learning so go take a break and be human… for how long , we decide.

The joy of being awakened to this part of me as helped me understand myself but also embrace being a human in all our weird and wonderfulness. If we can learn to appreciate the human and cosmic self, then for me it makes life make sense for a while and then I am back to asking questions, liking, disliking or just being.

My sense of humour, dark & light is leading me to see how odd and yet how beautiful us humans are. It does make me laugh and other times cry. The polarity of the universe it that in itself and all the stuff in between. 

I made up of so many things, a spirit, a inner child, a teenager, a adult, a woman, different energies of masculine and feminine. I am made up of all emotions, dreams, realities, perspectives, experiences ,chemicals , minerals, vitamins, water … I could go on but you catch my drift… Did I come here to experience them all and let go when needed so they can be transmuted, I think so…. have you?

Healing has felt at times like tingles up and down my whole body, pain being lifted, feeling lighter, less in my head & more in my heart space.

Tapping into this label of “being spiritual” has changed my life, to find out the truth of who I am and not what I have been told, is truly … powerful.

Published by Caz Cosmos

Hey reader. Thank you from my soul to yours for being as curious about my fears and thoughts, about life and its changes as I have been. I am thanking you now as you have chosen to read my perspective, hear my voice and for that I am grateful.

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